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 About us

Our mission is to provide a quality LIFEBOOK that helps your child socially & emotionally.

About Us

Please allow me to introduce you to LifeSTORY Lifebooks as a company and to tell you about our Lifebook. The owners of the company consist of one graphic artist from Chicago, IL who herself was adopted and one foster parent from San Antonio,Texas. 

What started out as one friend helping another to make Lifebooks for two foster children; quickly became a business providing Life books for other children, including adopted children, Internationally adopted children and baby books for all families. We also have created dog and cat books for those who have 4-legged kids located at

As the very first book was being developed and shared with other Foster Parents; a real need became apparent.  It seems as though no one had any idea as to how to go about creating a life book. Most simply had boxes of photographs sitting in closets but needed much more than a photo album or scrapbook to complete before they could call it a life book.  What about the child’s history, the story of their beginnings, their birth history, early childhood and their adopt / foster journey?  LifeSTORY Lifebooks can provide adopt / foster parents an affordable and simple but organized  “fill-in-the-blank”  type format to help document each child’s life. 

Our Journey

These lifebooks were very personalized books that held the memories of a lifetime.  As the first books were sold, ideas, suggestions and additional needs from agencies and parents were voiced.  With much thanks to these first customers LifeSTORY Lifebooks has now what we feel is the perfect foster and adopt lifebook.  Not a photo album, not a journal of information but the Life Story of a very special child.  The information and special memories serve as a way to answer many of the questions about these children’s past.  This lifebook will truly be the keepsake of a lifetime. We also have many extra pages, which you can purchase, that include holiday & special pages. 

Our Goals

We at LifeSTORY Lifebooks have a goal to help make it easier for busy foster / adoptive parents to be able to still keep the journey of their child's past and future as simple as possible. Our book also has pages for the children to fill in which they can express their fears, goals, feelings in a way unlike any other lifebooks we have ever seen.

What makes our Lifebooks special & unique to others ?

Unlike any other lifebook out there we offer customizing for individual needs, ex: special needs children will require different and additional medical pages, international adoption books may need different pages regarding their individual experiences with their personal journey, a photo of your child can be printed directly on the cover just by emailing us a picture of your child. We offer solutions to situations. Email us and we will work with you on an individual basis!

We offer unique pages, a growth chart page, hand or foot print page, lock of hair page, letter to or from parents page, peer pressure page, facts and dreams page, how I feel, what I fear, who I am, many pages EASY for children to fill in, to share their thoughts and feelings without having to write an essay, yet complete enough so you can understand their fears, feelings and thoughts. This is a easy to use "no pressure" book for toddlers, teens AND foster / adopt parents. 

We offer 3 different foster care books, a toddler edition, teen edition and a combined edition little bit of both, best of both worlds! Also offered is an International adoption, domestic adoption and just plain baby book editions. 

We offer two choices, one version of our books are coil bound, with a heavy duty clear cover to protect your book and the thickest back cover available, the second choice is what most of you are familiar with, 3-hole punched.

A Spanish version will be offered this summer, check back with us, or email us for updates!

Will you please take a moment to help us reach those foster and adoptive parents in need of help? 
Can you consider all the children who will benefit in the future by having the loving memories and their personal history to make them feel complete?  Would you want to provide the adopt / foster parent with the one gift they so want to give each child in their care? The memory of how it began, how they were loved and to whom they belonged.

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